My very first post…

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A short introductory memo…

Hi there! It might not seem usual to do like a “introductory” post on this platform (at least for the publishers I follow). I think it is more frequently seen in podcasts, with the famous “episode 0” to explain the author’s motivations to record the podcast and, also, what is the main subject to be discussed.

Well, but I thought it would be quite interesting to leave a post like this as my very first post, even if this very first post turned out to be shorter and essentially “contentless”.

Anyway, let’s go straight to the point: I’m an ordinary person. What drives me is this idea about spreading and sharing things that made mainly an impact on me, in terms of personal or professional life. Maybe it can make an impact on someone else’s life as well.

For me, sharing experiences and ideas with people means helping other people and, likewise, helping myself to somehow know a bit more about the content I’m sharing — after all, there is that saying “when you share you learn”.

Medium, therefore, has proven to be an interesting platform for this “personal project”. I’ve been into Medium for some time and I already learned a lot from other people (I hope one day I can be as insightful as the people I follow here).

Concerning the posts, let’s see what life prepares for me. Some of them will be related to books. Others might be to report some experiments on the data science field. And so on…

I hope you enjoy it as I’m enjoying this new journey.

Last, but not least, I strongly believe in “growth mindset” and “continuous improvement”, so, please, I encourage you to add feedback/comments. They will certainly help me (a lot) to keep improving.

I appreciate your time for reading it :)




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Daniel Zanchetta

Daniel Zanchetta

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